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About us

Who we are and what we are doing

Our journey began on 2020. SVG Files is one of the largest suppliers company of scalable vector graphics files for Internet users and designers. The website SVG Files produces SVG vectors using Extensible Markup Language (XML) and we have them for free download on the Internet. SVG Files is the most trusted SVG file maker in the United States.

Our products inspire designers and talented people to do their best job

To download innovative assets and use smart design models, thousands of people worldwide visit SVG Files. SVG Files lets ambitious people like you get work completed quicker with an industry-leading trustworthy platform combined.

What does the people saying about us

"SVG Files definitely comes in handy and makes my work so much easier when I need to tackle bigger projects that involve commercial work because the wide variety of SVG templates that are available are super easy to use."
"One of those platforms that I log in to on a regular basis is SVG Files, even when I don't need something to build. I get visual inspiration and feel inspired to bring our ideas to life by getting this library of resources."
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