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11 cricut mistakes you are probably making

11 Cricut Mistakes You Are Probably Making

Do you feel like your Cricut projects never turn out the way they are supposed to?

You might be making one of these mistakes:

  1. Cutting too much at once – this will cause your heat bed to not stay heated properly and can cause jams as well.
  2. Not cleaning your mat with alcohol before cutting a new project – dirt on the mat will transfer onto the paper, causing it to curl up after being cut and ruining the design on your project.
  3. Letting the heat bed cool down between cuts – if you let it get cold then when you make another cut, all that extra pressure caused by cutting causes more problems with jamming or worse yet breaking blades in two!
  4. Using regular cardstock instead.

Cricut mistakes can be made by anyone. From not being fully aware of the rules to using a “cheap” blade, here are some common Cricut mistakes that you may be making and how to avoid them.

The following video is meant for those who have an interest in Cricut and use it as their main tool for crafting. It discusses the top 11 mistakes users make on a regular basis.

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